I’ve got lots of work to do in January.

Can’t see the contours of the year.

Just embedded at home doing zoom calls and emails.

Maybe at Easter herd immunity will be enough we have turned a corner? Light at the end of the tunnel.

We talked about a trip to Vienna. Maybe also Berlin.

I need to dig myself out of mountains of debt. It’s not funny at all.

Life seems confined to the apartment and the corner store. A narrow world.

Of course I have to drop out of academia. The dry scholastic race. Hate it!!

I dunno. Sometimes I miss the little things. The taste of Ribena after being thirsty or the way the steaming coffee in my cup swirls and the clouds up there in the cosmos.

God bless the world…

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  1. I love the way you articulate your thoughts. It makes the reader feel as though they’re in your head. Thanks for sharing!


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