writing career

I wanted to write a little about how my writing career is progressing.

First I dropped out of the anthropology masters. I did write some good essays like the one about Japan but I didn’t really want to be doing that kind of straighjacketed technical writing.

I watched some films from the National Centre for Writing. I mean like round tables. I was kind of inspired but I am left feeling that this is not really a career.

The British-Nigerian writers whose name escapes me said “don’t just focus on writing” “look for other things in your life”. I dunno if it is just lockdown but I’m kind of sick of the idea of finding other things to do. I am helping my partner run his business and I haven’t got time for anything else. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting on top of which my productivity is sliding. I’m not managing to secure interview partners for the documentaries like I used to.

My mind and body feel sluggish half the time and like they have not warmed up sufficiently. Like I have very little inspiration.

I dunno it’s kind of a rut.

I sit, I drink coffee, clouds pass.

Time ticks on.

I have the dream of being a full time writer but maybe it’s not much of a dream?

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