The world is collapsing in unforeseen ways

I feel like the world could be collapsing in unforeseen ways. Even if we bootstrap our way through climate change with nuclear power and geo-engineering it’s like the DNA the very telomeres of society are fraying.

In a thousand million chemical leaks and nano level ruptures of the ecosystem. The world is splintering into trillions of fractals.

It’s like we are poisoning the planet and poisoning ourselves. It’s like a downward spiral…

It’s like maybe Carla from Coronation Street could make it all vanish with a swipe of her platinum card.

I was thinking about Jared Diamond and his doom philosophies. How complex societies cannot persist in the face of longitudinal and geographic transformation. How everything collapses into anarchy and slavery.

Maybe we will be like Ireland in the Dark Ages a beacon of learning and illumination in a sea of despair . Jared keeps turning out tomb like books predicting the imminent collapse of humanity yet hacks at the NYT comment section insist his data is off gleaned from 1950s geography school text books not through Python initiated web scraping and monocultures.

I feel as though civilisation is a grand project and we are currently trying to revivify the dead corpse of liberal democracy with the fresh blood of an octogenarian president. As Immanuel Macron tightrope walks above a swirling vortex of nazism Europe could fall to Putins Iron Fist ( he would love that) Meanwhile Jihafrica is in its fractal dance with death like the last reveller at a nightclub who is soon to be kicked out by the bouncers.

Jared Diamond is like a decorator desperately trying to paper over the cracks in this Victorian patriarchal house he calls culture. Outside crippled black women are calling time on patriarchy? But would you set up a “Chick o fil” joint in downtown Sudan? Who would?

We all need to blame Jared Diamond for writing such incomprehensible books that can’t possibly take in all data points? A super computer couldn’t why base it on a single faulty probably dementia ridden human brain?

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