Radical mental health

I was always sceptical of psychiatry. About ten years ago I discovered radical mental health forums.

At first it was great! Vivid colourful people who spoke in poetry. However little by little the community condensed and the violent infighting began.

Aside to this I had a radical mental health therapist. This proved to be a very dangerous move as they encouraged me to take incredible life threatening risks.

Now I don’t speak to radical mental health folks. I had a pen friend but after that broke down I no longer speak to “mad kin”.

Honestly I am left completely non plussed by the entire experience.

What does it all mean?

There is obviously this bubbling swirling anti psychiatry world but it seems to have all disappeared into recesses of the internet.

As someone with bipolar I don’t know Many other people with a similar diagnosis.

What does “mental health” actually mean? Isn’t the world intensely mad?

Psychiatry seems like it was created by someone with a sense of irony.

Now I feel I am in the mental health desert and all the signs have been ripped up.

The radical mental health folks talk about “extreme states”.

Sometimes I wonder if these people have more Cyclomithia which is a subtle form of bipolar that responds to lifestyle interventions.

Honestly I think a lot of people spout a lot of psychobabble.


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