When I say I was junked from academic anthropology I am kind of lying.

I walked.

The professors were so distant and frosty. It seemed to be a real burning hive of elitism at Some Old University.

I tried to engage with the academics but they just toss out icy cold terse replies and basically just trash all my ideas by ignoring them.

I am left wondering if I should have walked but then dividing my time between academia and my journalistic work wasn’t working. Somehow something tells me I should have stuck at it but then B was kind of militating for me to drop it. I know he is my partner and he loves me but he does have a habit of undermining anything I do outside the bounds of his company.

I dunno. I sent an email to another university but I just wonder if all these MA directors have huge bitch in fear about the troublesome students. Anyway I’m on the outside now and I don’t see anyway back in even if I wanted to.

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