I am thinking about economics.

Something as simple as a shared meal should be simple, inexpensive.

However whenever we used to go out to dine pre-covid you always used to feel like you’d paid a ransoms for a small repaste!

Similarly clothes should not be expensive if you are modestly dressed. However clothing comes at such a premium it it infrequent I can buy it. Further an additional issue being overweight means the high street tat doesn’t fit me. The only thing I can really purchase is an out size black t shirt.

So if you have a modest job. You are paid £1000 on a Friday. You only need to do a few modest things like have a haircut, take a taxi, an £80 supermarket shop and your money is run down. This is what I call the poverty economy of Britain.

You either spend no money and stay in cleaning your windows with neat water or you borrow to fill the gap thus creating a never ending cycle of debt-slavery.

Wages don’t cover costs.

So most people live miserable debt laden lives hoping for a lottery win.

But it is the greed of the rich that makes life so expensive. Life could be cheap but they want to profit from every transaction.

This is known as bullshit economics.

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