I wanted to write something about “work” as in paid employment which, I think, too often is actually “overwork”.

My case study is C. C is a journalist. They worked for 20 years for low wages. Long hours and barely making enough to scrape bills. Things like eating out were put onto credit cards which had to be paid off years later.

After twenty years C sets up a production company sub contracting to the broadcaster. The Broadcaster rates are still at the same level they were in 1990 (this is 2012) and they keep getting top sliced. So C has to run their company on a shoe string borrowing money to plug the gap and sometimes using his own money to subsidise the broadcasters paltry budgets.

This leads to a cycle of debt and poor cash flow. Working ever longer hours to achieve more business simply to keep cash coming through the company.

It’s like eating a diet of raw carrots that never nourish you.

I think some jobs in the public sector are better in the sense there is a set salary and only 9-5 hours.

This cycle of overwork leads to metabolic syndrome and eventually early death but where are all the more lucrative opportunities out there for people.

At 40 or 50 how easy is it to retrain? Who will support you to go back to university?

I call it Tony Blair’s “no money economy”.

It’s sad. It’s an over work situation.

My friend who was on benefits said they had a simple life but they don’t realise they are living off the backs of people like C who are taxed to the hilt on their already paltry wages. Not to mention all the weapons and crap governments buy.

I don’t wanna get into a blame game. I’m genuinely glad some people find balance.

My friend also suggested I live in community but I’m not sure how that is achieved in achingly corporatised Manchester.

I’m in the barber shop and I’m having these thoughts.

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