Critique of capitalism # 2

A diabetes clinic in Moss Side. When capitalism is almost done with you you come here to be patched up

It’s all a pain in the arse.

Capitalism makes things look nice and shiny. But everyone is stretched to the max, doing more than they can do, paying more than they can pay.

There isn’t enough slack in the system.

Society expects you to be a worker drone.

Everything is supposed to be efficient, stream lined which means somewhere people are working for free. People are disgruntled, farm animals are unhappy. The Earth is blasted and scorched.

But then the hippie way doesn’t seem much of a way either. Middle class kids pretending to be a commune and succeeding in being a cliche.

Well I’m here in the midst of capitalism in Manchester, the original modern city and my partner is working to the bone. I have no capital. I’m disabled. I’m an aspiring poet. I’m here in capitalism and it’s like a steel wall.

It sucks!

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