I’m bored

We never do anything!

I could go to the shop again. I’m not really in the mood to tolerate a few scraps of conversation from M. I want real friends.

LM was interviewed by some punk guy called David Rovics. It was ok. She seemed to look down on having a conventional life in the sense of running a limited company but I guess we can’t all be activists.

I was thinking about the zero punishment thing. Punishment is not the best way to get people to do things. Then the secret barrister seemed to say punishment was part of the picture because if the state does not punish then ordinary people will take it into their own hands. I feel like we rarely get the story behind the story. I dunno there is Like a blood lust In society???

The sky is clear. There are birds which probably means insects. The ecosystem hasn’t collapsed yet.

It’s Thursday. Maybe there is a writing group today.

Dry life….

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