Tired day

^^^ This is typical of my breakfast. Zero sugar Fanta and Americano

I’ve had a tired day. I went into downtown but I felt tired. I had a little walk from Spring Gardens through St Peters Square to the Midland Hotel. A man who seemed distressed was yelling outside the library. He could have been having some kind of episode.

I bought the pharmacy delivery guy a £20 Starbux voucher. It pleases me to show my appreciation to people.

It was sunny out.

Later at home I did various forms of Japanese practice.

* listen to NHK Japanese state radio

* look up new words I have found using Google translate

* Use Anki to memorize more Kanji

* listen to some J-pop for new words

I’m hoping to have a chat date with my Japanese friend on Friday or Saturday.

Tonight online there is some kind of poetry event. I wanted to give a donation but I didn’t have enough money.

B is working on a radio doc. I keep him supplied with tea and food. He is overworked and he gets crotchety.

Gonna make another cup of Rooibos tea.

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