Moaning is probably not a good look

But after an entire post university career at the break even level or below.

The answer to everything becomes always “no”

X holiday? No

Y purchase ? No

Oh well we did get a trip to Munich as part of making a radio doc. And we squeezed one rest day in Austria where we sat in Mozart square and ate ice cream.

I realise many have it far worse.


Yeah LGBT folk in Chechnya.

I dunno.

Donut economics

Why do we feel we have the right to all this global travel anyway? Advertising? Entitlement? It’s probably ruining the planet. I guess in some ways being frugal is a lot more green friendly and you do savour the moment when opportunity and funds to travel come up.

It’s just like with my lack of earning power it’s like I don’t have levers I can pull in my life. I’m stuck and I don’t know if it’s the medication but I know without one of the pills I end up bat shit very quickly. Even a Minor reduction leads to crazy pathways in my mind. But I can’t move, can barely buy clothes. Oh yes’s moaning is not a good look.

You just don’t really hear of how bipolar people cope. I guess they either top themselves or they live with family or maybe if they are high functioning they could be a barrister or something.

There really is no map. You are just expected to live at the statutory minimum. Society isn’t really geared for bipolar folk. But then mainstream society is kind of a prison colony anyway. It probably needs junking not reforming.

I’m exhausted and I’m getting nowhere.,

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