This is the draft of a letter

I am bipolar. I am disabled. I am sedated 16 hours a day. I can’t hold down. A full time job. I don’t qualify for benefits.

I can’t afford clothes, can’t afford to travel, can’t move house. Lots of things I don’t have the finance for.

Also the medication slows me. It makes me sluggish. Doing anything I’d like nailing jelly to the ceiling.

Sometimes I can afford coffee, sometimes I can’t.

I’m part of the mental health system. There is no financial planning for my futures . I’m expected to get the statutory minimum. In England which hates its poor even family won’t share resources.

My partner has a company that barely breaks even but churns through £250,000 a year. He employs six people.

It’s kind of a shitty set of circumstances to be in.

Is it surprising to fall in love?


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