Some books I have ordered

The first book is by a prison abolitionist called Mariame Kaba. I haven’t read enough of it to get a sense of it. It could all be terribly well meaning with the potential to go drastically wrong like the hummus and lentil brigade. But then what do we do just throw our hands up and accept people murdering innocent people till infinity. There are probably things we can achieve. I do think lofty idealism can also tip over into a nightmare. Most people aren’t on this page at all anyway.

The next book is a bit like “ugh” a capitulation to woke. I find actually all the aggressive BLM stuff has made me more Sneery and reactionary which I also don’t like. I think for me it’s the almost complete lack of people of colour in my life. I was brought up in a pretty white neighbourhood and went to a mainly white school. To be honest I haven’t got very far with it.

This book was found in a list in that great intellectual engine “Marie Claire” magazine. Before I fell out with my good pen friend and friend Laura Marie I had promised her I would try and understand things more from women’s POV. I know reading a book from a reading list is probably a bit lame but I wanna be a feminist supporting man. Maybe not completely woke but “aware”. Anyway this book is ostensibly a book of poems written by x as young woman dealing with her life as it presents itself. This ones for you Laura Marie xx

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