Was listening to this podcast about mental health community, websites and so on.

They were talking about the gifts of madness and altered states of perception being valid.

Then they were saying how “madness” and “pride” are not necessarily a good basis for anything lasting and how the human potential movement gives a broader framework.

Then I was thinking to myself. Mental health community is fine but in my limited experience it winds up in culture wars and infighting. like a massive show down.

Then the whole thing with the human potential movement and some of the exotic schools of therapy from the 1970s.

Slippery is what I would say. From Jung down they are slippery customers. Would you trust them with a bake sale?

Then another thing is that I’ve read the work of some of these writers and you re-read then a few years later and they go back and edit out passages.

So in the end it’s just untrustworthy crap.

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