Bipolar…. you can challenge the diagnosis but there is still something wrong with your. You are dependent on medication.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs places spiritual accomplishment at the top. But how can you reach the heights if the bottom of the pyramid is leaking, crumbling, if there is subsidence and lack of container or structural integrity.

I tried to think of putting myself back together. Tried Jungian therapy and Buddhist therapy…

Have you seen the movie “A dangerous method” the clue is in the name.

A joystick filled spiritual supermarket historic for your attention. How do you sift the dross from the dross.

Is something missing at a developmental stage

A skyscraper with a missing floor

But we are in the tower now?

See how it see sawed taking your breath away

Is healing even a word

The beatniks turned into battle royals and mad max?

Just breathe and take it step by step

Said my friend who told lies in the hall of mirrors.

Oh well at least there is candy crush and coffee

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