Kosher chicken dish

I made this “kosher” chicken dish that wasn’t really kosher because I didn’t use kosher salt.

It’s essentially chicken thighs with breadcrumbs soaking up the chicken fat and drizzled in a fish sauce.


4-6 boned chicken thighs


Black pepper

Olive oil

Bread crumbs

Coriander (cilantro if you are North America(

1 x lemon

Fish sauce (the kind used in Chinese cooking)

Molasses /brown sugar

Unsalted butter

An appetite, a disregard for animal welfare and not caring about eating fatty salty food


1)You bake the thighs in an oven after dusting them with salt pepper and oil. Leave for 25 minutes (I reckon actually the chicken needs longer as when I made it it wasn’t falling off the bone)

2) scatter breadcrumbs and cilantro over the chicken and fat. This is done on a tray or sheet (I used tin foul(

3) shut the oven for a further 15

4) mix the stinky fish oil with lemon and brown sugar. Simmer a sauce for a while then when it has reduced a bit add some creamy unsalted butter . In the nyt it said this bit was really fun but I don’t find it so.

5) serve everything on a plate and drizzle the fish sauce over the chicken & crouton mixture. In the NYT it said this recipe is “heavenly “ but I found it was just ok

6) after this I might go vegan

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