I started reading some Buddhist teachings and doing some yoga while my partner was out for a walk.

The thing was I found it cold and alienating rather than uplifting. Sometimes perturbing in a way.

That’s why I say I think religious teaching have to be prepped in small chunks for the bipolar mind.

I had a Buddhist therapist for a while but our joint faith in talking therapies stopped me getting the medication and psychiatric support I needed at the time (so much for harm reduction).

I know people seem to transform their lives with this shit but to me it’s like playing with matches and TNT. In other words highly dangerous.

My friends recommends I cease all activities that suck me down a religious rabbit hole like yoga and reading Buddhist books.

The problem is as a mental health patient there are really no guidelines for all this. It’s like either this stuff does matter or it doesn’t. People dismiss Buddhism as perhaps a fad but it’s shaped cultures for centuries.

Either things matter or they don’t. I think as a mental health patient you are often invoked to “not think too much” like thinking can’t be trusted – then why are their philosophers, public debates, jurisprudence??? As a mental health patient you are just encouraged to put your hands over your ears and go “nah nah nah” .

Oh well I suppose it doesn’t matter in terms of I can go through days without addressing things.

But who was it who said “the unexamined life is not worth living”

The problem as a bipolar mind is ideas become too dangerous.

I go round in circles and can’t see an answer to this – there is no one qualified to ask.

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