Hey #888

I have a constant companion in B. I dearly hoped grocery guy would become my good friends and we could discuss poetry, the New Yorker and James Joyce at Starbucks.

I would like a few more close friendships or just fun friendships but it never seems to happen. I feel as though today people’s communication skills are atrophying.

There is this book by the late ^^^ Zygmunt Batman. He expressed how people in the twenty first century seek loose bonds. But sadly he says a historical analogy to this was the Holocaust where people couldn’t show loyalty to other people except at great personal risk, people were pitted against each other and all former identities and community bonds were dissolved. It’s like the Manics song “if you tolerate this your children will be next”. We have turned the world into a shopping mall with only thin customer service masquerading as any kind of social glue.

I know my friend in Vegas is part of the Catholic Workers but that is kind of the exception to the vast majority of the population who live in isolation units.

I did hear about that poetic community in Bolinas north of San Francisco. I think these days property prices would probably derail that kind of community although maybe it could be possible? I would like to try living in a creative city like Berlin to see if there is kind of a community of artists??!!

Yeah so I know I go on about grocery boy but it’s kind of a big crush. I think I am learning to let him go now but it’s been hard. I’m sequesters away in the house and I don’t meet people but it’s like when I was doing the anthropology masters there were like 8 people doing it with me and when I left they dropped me like a hot potato (again the liquid love thing). Maybe in the end life will just become literally one big chat-roulette with no possible bonds, bonds are engineered out. You are just an atomised individual.

Who knows?

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