It could be you

I saw a story about a lottery jackpot of £321,000,000.

Here’s the thing.

I feel like lotteries are a scam. Not in the Orwell sense that no one actually wins (although I could envisage that being true). It’s more in the sense that any sum of money is essentially worthless.

Yes, yes we all know money is useful. You can’t pay your Sainsbury’s bill with spiritual epithets or your rent.

All I am saying is that beyond certain necessities money is superfluous.

Also do you think rich people are free from fear, insecurity, anxiety, greed? Look at Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Howard Hughes.

Enjoy the moment. Enjoy what you’ve got. Enjoy the people and places around you.

Focussing on gambling or any other schemes to get rich ties you in knots and takes you away from your authentic power.

Some people think money brings status, power, safety but those qualities are not inherent in money. Even billionaire cab no killed by thieves in their own homes. Even billionaire can slip under a bus.

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