My ex-Las Vegas friend made some anarchist art, like a flyer.

I could kind of relate to some of, that we can’t thrive in the linear structures of capitalism and such.

she now openly has a problem with men. I wouldn’t say she loathes men but she is reluctant to engage with men to some degree.

I feel kind a hurt by it. she always said I was very flexible and could learn and grow and now she is saying these are precisely the qualities that men don’t have.

its kinda when we clashes on feminism. the whole me too thing weaponised gender and sex. I had an issue with the Maoist way some women went about calling out and taking down men. She saw this as perfectly justified and any disagreement by men was violence by me against her. daft really. maybe its not quite like that.

I think I stopped showing up to write letters as much but I was going through a lot.

I dunno its like that song

“love will stretch a little bit/but eventually its gonna break”

I find it interesting how her male husband has done a sideways shift into being ‘non binary’ so now he doesn’t come under her umbrella of dislike of men. People can be very flexible huh.

oH well its probably all waste of breath or type.

Some of the anarchist stuff I don’t buy into, some I like. Its kind of like an ideology or theory like any other.

oh well.

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