Cheeseburger philosophy

I read this thing online where this female academic said she did not have depth knowledge of anyone area but scattered knowledge of various fields.

This is kind of how I feel. I have a bric a brac collection of knowledge. I can see how some pieces fit together. At this minute I am getting into Russian history, particularly the out pouring of creativity just after the 1917 revolution. I am also taking Russian language classes.

I feel like I wanna write something at greater length than these blog posts but my mind is like spaghetti or a sieve. It’s frustrating. I’m definitely not woke. I’m probably a liberal verging into anarchism but I am definitely not a hardcore anarchist activist.

It’s hard to know where to start with my writing.

I took poetry classes but I am somehow not a poet. I write kind of flash-ethnography, musings and observations.

Sometimes I think I don’t know anything.

Oh well…

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