brain chemistry

I’m desperately unhappy on this cocktail of lithium and Risperidone. God knows what’s it’s doing to my internal brain chemistry.

It would be good to go to the doctor and get a review.

Previously when I’ve asked for a review I’ve been boxed into the fact that I have this life long “bipolar” condition. It’s like a motorway where death is the only exit.

Bipolar massively sucks. Does it even exist?

I’m stuck in this kind of lacunae that I can’t get out of.

What would Frankl do?

Am I manic-depressive? A dandelion bloom?

Who knows? Who cares?

Listening to the turn of the world?

Psychiatry really is such specious junk. What a freakin’ waste of time? Who invented psychiatry? Junk it? Talk about a dangerous method?

My word psychiatry is utter arid bullshit.


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