I was thinking.

I parked Russian & Mandarin to focus on Japanese. Learning 3 languages my head was spinning.

^^ I’m going to this online event at the V&A on Friday. It’s about Iranian contemporary art and the rich, variegated culture of Iran.

I’m also going to a Process Work event on Thursday.

I seem to have lots of interests but little money making potential.

Maybe I should rephrase.

I have little available cash to do things like move house, make home improvements and take foreign trips.

I was wondering in a way if M is a bit of a youth ghetto. B and I were walking past the Opera House earlier and there’s just dozens of screaming women/girls , as if yelling and caterwauling somehow indicates they are having a great time.

Maybe I need to make a list of things I wanna do / achieve and create a fighting fund.

I’m slightly thinking beyond living here. But where else? The lack of financial fire power scares me.

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