A to Z of psychiatry


That takes you away to a mental hospital


Incredibly dangerous medications that make you act out of character. Also highly addictive

Customer Care

The circular loop of complaints procedure


Which comes 20 years earlier when you are on psychiatric meds

Electro shock therapy

That didn’t die in the 1950s – also psychosurgery.


The gateway drug to bipolar. Fucks with your brain chemistry. Then when your brain chemistry is well and truly screwed they claim you have bipolar. (See Voila!)


Modern stoic who understands everything. Has helped me through bipolar. Also my partner and family.


I actually don’t mind the psych hospital. My experience there was not too bad.


Full of off-whack stories about coming off meds. Weirdos, trolls. Should never have been invented.

Juice diet

Diet for weirdos


All the extra weight you’ll put on being on psych meds


That’s me!


Brother who died by suicide. Also had bipolar.


What you are to the NHS. Probably less than a number actually. Also “Nazis” good friends with and patrons of psychiatry.


Psychiatric abuse happens everyday. It’s normalised.


Lifelong prescription for bipolar meds. No other possible treatment tried. Also “P” for the “Power” of the Pharmaceutical companies and Psychiatric profession who have the NHS in a full Nelson,


Psychiatry was treating homosexuality as a mental illness until around the early 80s. Then social pressures came and a committee decided it was no longer an illness anymore.


Mind rape is what psychiatry is.


Silenced by psychiatry. The media looks the other way even while other social shibboleths topple. Psychiatry can’t be allowed to fall. Psychiatrists do a messy and socially useful job of dealing with societies excess and waste people (sic).


Psychiatry steals your most precious resource “time”. Time that could be spent really living.


Of psychiatric opinion in the U.K. apart from occasional pockets of difference. Psychiatrists like an easy life with a padded pay check, house, car and pension. No room for dissent.


There you are. This is psychiatry. Like it or lump it.


Waste of time. All the time I have wasted fighting psychiatry which had achieved precisely nothing.


Chemical crucifixion. Stuck on a mix or medley of psych meds you are kept imprisoned in a hidden asylum of the mind


Why is psychiatry so shit?


Zzzz I’m off to sleep again. Partly due to the sedating meds. To start another day being a psychiatric patient.

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