Friendship breakdown

Me in City-Square in my home-city Leeds

It took me a while to figure out. My friend kinda hates me.

I had a pen-friend. We wrote to each other frequently.

She was kind of a cool person. A girl-geek, she liked The Smiths, zines & permaculture.

However as it turns out she began to hate white men. I think she especially hates cis White men but anyway.

Listening to “The Smiths” – “Heaven knows I’m Miserable Now!”

I think she thinks that she just dislikes white men or that her hating is justified but then I began to think “no, it’s not justified”. It’s exsctly the same as me saying “all women are bitches” or “all black people are violent”.

Anyway I’ve kind of realised it’s not me that stopped loving her it’s her who stopped loving me. She has no place in her heart for White men. So woke as she is she has a blind spot.

Oh well.

Another one bites the dust.

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