1. The point of any philosophy is to help you deal with the inevitable shit that happens. But if you’re starving it must be pretty hard to be philosophical. Or maybe that’s where the fatalist approach comes in. What will be will be, it is as Allah wills it. Your crap being part of a divine plan might be some comfort, I suppose, but you’d have to get religion before the crap hit for that to work I suspect.


    1. Hey thanks for the insightful comment. I have been picking at a book about a Buddhist sage called Milarepa. I’ve been finding Buddhism has been pissing me off for quite some time. But then I probably barely scratched the surface of Buddhism.

      I heard a quote about the job of 21st century philosophers being to think through the last 2 millennia again from the Greeks up.

      My academic sojourns have come to a halt. I. Searching for an online research design type masters. All I can find is crummy Edx stuff and Brit universities who do online in Covid but are reverting back to fiercely defending on campus learning (even though online works better for a lot of disabled people like me).

      See ya!


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