B is out of hospital. His leg is taking a long time to heal. He’s also in significant pain. He is grumpy. He’s kind of working on quarter power.

All in all it’s a worrying situation. Will the leg heal? How long? Will he now always be susceptible to infections? How on Earth do we keep the flat clean when we are both messy.

Also we are kind of staying in everyday.

This is something that had annoyed me before, that I don’t mix enough with other people. And I think it’s a weakness of B’s business model that everyone is isolated at home. B has always tended to monopolise me and scupper plans I have to escape. Like once I expressed doubts in my masters he piled on the pressure for me to quit.

Personally I think it would be healthier to mix with more people my own age. I’m kind of a prisoner in a way. Maybe, maybe not?!?

Oh well. I pottered reading a few ethnographies today.

Missing Mike.

Mike wasn’t the right one.

Oh well.

Listening to the radio.

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