Sea swimming

Enjoyed the cinema today. It was thrilling to emerge from the dark of the cinema to the light of lunchtime Manchester.

We walked past the “Jack o Lantern” display in St Anne’s square and down Deansgate to Barton Arcade which is a really beautiful wrought iron structure.

We waited ages to go in a fashionable coffee shop but the queue wasn’t getting any shorter.

Like I said before we landed up in Starbux.

Later in the day B and I went out for dinner. I had Lancashire hotpot with pickled red cabbage and B had lamb and parsnip pie.

Life is confusing but sometimes things seem clearer. Bipolar is a great factor for complicating life. My mind feels like a hostile place at times.

Living with bipolar can be exhausting. It’s also scary. Like the mind can create phantasms. I don’t even really get the benefit of the energy and insight of the ups and highs.

Going to the cinema today was refreshing and sometimes doing fun stuff like that allows you to put down a heavy load.

I’ve already booked my cinema outing for next week.

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