I feel like the world is kind of broken but famously good old Leonard Cohen said “that’s how the light gets through”.

I feel like the world is creatively broken in a way. I know it doesn’t feel much like that at times of intense pain, fear and frustration but there is kind of a curve in the universe, all streams joining into one.

I do feel lonely but maybe in a way I’m happy with a handful of friends who are manageable rather than being part of a big crowd. Maybe I made it that way.

Universities kind of intrigue me . Universities, colleges, hospitals. They often appear in my dreams. This idea of collegiality. Autumn term. Learning. Corridors, libraries. It reminds me of my senior high school. Just thinking that generations of students have passed trough the doors with all their hopes and aspirations, kind of liberal arts colleges.

I dunno.

Lost friendship.

Toast to lost friendship.

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