Knowledge systems

I want to write something about epistemology. It might seem like a long
word for a Thursday evening. I’m not even 100% sure what it means. I
take it to mean a system of knowledge.

Behind every thinker of every book is at least one or more epistemology. 
So a Marxist writer might have the epistemology of Marxism or Thomas 
Aquinas could be said to have a catholic epistemology.

What o like about anthropology is that it is a system of “meta” 
knowledge it acknowledges and integrates other knowledge systems.

I was born in Britain in 1981. The epistemology I grew up in was 
capitalism, industrial and also the scientific method. Also from my mum 

Later at high school we studied dependency theory which kind of 
overturned capitalism (at the same time as visiting Russia and listening 
to the Manic Street preachers).

Then later I learned a lot about Jungianism and as a consequence Taoism 
and shamanism. I feel like Shamanism at least is the shared religion of 
humanity prior to all other developments. This is somewhat captured and 
reflected in Vedic culture the culture of ancient India but I am 
probably conflating a lot of things.

I feel like what I call “Taoism-Shamanism-Jungianism” is kind of the 
well spring. It is like a key to the background reality. The “field” in 
which we all exist.

I did have more to say but I have kind of fizzled out.

I think anthropology still looks at indigenous religions through a lens 
and doesn’t actually believe in them. To believe in them is kind of to 
abandon science and “go native” but the shamanistic path was like the 
original tool kit for caring for ourselves and the earth which we kind 
of need urgently now.

I saw examples from Chile where indigenous knowledge had been used to
re-route a proposed highway away from sacred land.


  1. I think it’s a less conceited way of looking at the world than Christianity, so go for it. If I had a religion I’d like it to be druidism, without the sacrifice. Or, maybe, with it, but only of selected senior politicians.

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  2. Lol… I actually relented and bought some trousers from a clothing company on fake book. They were like Japanese style martial arts looking track pants with tapered leg. I thought they looked extremely cool – until the crotch ripped open when I bent over to tie my shoelaces at a hotel after having a meal… oh well!


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