Dear Manchester

I’m here in Manchester with B. We are just kind of killing time, not really doing anything. It’s kind of frustrating. B is the king of procrastination.

I’m kind of bored.

Heard a really sad story on RTE about a young man with cystic fibrosis who had no purpose in life. Sometimes I also feel that being disabled there is no structure for your life. You are just kind of left to get on with it. No thought is given to your financial well being or long term future.

But then maybe for the ‘normie’ population they are just expected to work 9-5 until they drop.

Our society is kind of fucked really?..?

Yeah it moved me quite a bit the story about the disabled guy. Maybe I will write to RTE and get in touch with the woman.

I’d better go out and pick up some laundry.


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