ebb & flow


The guy who ignored me in the shop yesterday was helpful today. Maybe people’s feeling ebbs and flows. No one is static. Too bad for autistic folx.

A grandiose vision. Maybe my role could be to create a popular anthropology. Free of the dusty word soup of French social philosophers. Something that actually makes sense. Doesn’t even have to be Puritan plain English but something much more pared down.

Classics degree could still be a possibility.

Running out of words.

In other news. Damon Albarn is an artist I admire even if I don’t appreciate all his artistic confections. Damon Albarn seems to be popping up a lot in my life lately. Maybe it’s marketing or algorithms but could be synchronicity.

I’d love to be in Mike’s house watching day time tv with him and eating tea and biscuits.


    1. The server at Sainsburys (used to be a slightly upscale supermarket but now is bog standard) was helpful. I told her about my benefit situation (that my nurse has lost my paperwork x 3 occasions. The server was outraged on my behalf “you needn’t have to go through this with everything you are going through”. The sainsburys is on the edge of the old dock lands community of Manchester (I used to live there) and sometimes I feel the sainsburys women are a bit like a mother’s mission. Also quite a working class collective where transgressions against the benefit system carry knowledge and sympathy. It feels like a fragment of community. I noticed you had some new blog posts so I will have a look soon.


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