news of defeat…

It’s interesting that both France and Australia are engaged in police action to restore order in their “colonies”. It’s like far off news of defeat from the fringes of the empire.

Like the start of the gradual uncoiling of western civilisation. This the day after nearly 30 people drowned in the English Channel on their way to a new life in England.

Maybe society will totter on but the unrest in Guadeloupe, Martinique and the Solomon Islands could signal the un fraying of western society where it’s hold is weakest it’s impoverished, marginalised BIPOC people. It’s probably tons to do with covid but in the whole world shove people into minimum wage hell or worse while showing them glittering images of millionaires doesn’t bode well.

I bet these island societies are like a powder keg. The Colonisers can’t keep them pacified anymore. Read out to the rest of the western world. It can’t be kept nailed down anymore.

Oh well it was nice to know ya!

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