Did some language study this afternoon. I was learning the Cyrillic alphabet. Later we went to a cafe but they couldn’t serve us food because they were closing early. Yesterday went to a Derek Jarman exhibit at the Manchester Art Gallery. It was quite cool to wander round as if on holiday.

I am slowly buying Christmas presents for people/family (mostly things under £10). The weather is very wintry/cold/frosty. Today I went out in shorts because I didnt have any clean trousers.

Haven’t blogged for a while. Haven’t really had anything to say.

We went to London for an award ceremony. We won three awards!

I’ve realised family/society/community/companionship is more important than money/success/status/achievement. These kinds of things. I feel a bit like someone on a roof trying to re-point the tiles of my relationships.

Trying to make the flat cosier is an uphill struggle on no budget. I need to keep an eye out if someone is getting rid of a decent corner group sofa.

I am taking these pro-biotics. They are just the type you buy in a regular supermarket. Its hard to say as Ive been taking the less than a week. I want to say/think they are helping.

I dropped out of the”All Japanese Japan Japaonic Paranoiac Japan-a-matic all Japanese all the Time Japanese Anthropology Conference”. In a way they accepted my resignation a little too easily. My famous speech about radio documentaries as the saviour of ethnographic film will likely never be heard.

I’ve been listening to all these New York Times podcasts recently. Some of them are a bit far out like they have really idealistic predictions about the environmental situation and loads of other idealistic clap trap.

Read a book on how to dismantle white feminism and it was all this stuff about breaking down institutions and building new ones in their place and kind of taking a wrecking ball to capitalist structures. I feel the alternate title of the book could be “How to Lay the Ground Work for a Totalitarian Hell-hole”. Although I think most people of that argument think any mention of things like the Gulag is hyperbolic. Only the fact that EVERY experiment in socialism failed in the 20th century.

Maybe the problem/issue/dilemma is that they are trying to do socialism from the top down, by dictat, by fiat, from a blue print… The recent David Graeber anarchist history of the world points out that the world had lots of anti authoritarian structure in Mesopotamia and what not. Like the Pharaohs were an aberation and most of the time ancient city dwellers were busy co-operating?

Anyway thats me for the moment.


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