Sandcastles 2

I buy into Zygmunt Bauman’s thesis that social media is a Holocaust. That we are living through a second Holocaust of shortening attention spans, loosening bonds & less certainty about who matters to us.

The modern city is like a palimpsest that can be re-written each day. It is like the crazy paving mental asylum in “Shelter Blues” where the structures and organisational structures don’t go anywhere.

Community is replaced with fascistic HR executives and totalitarian work structures. The street is a disorganised mess of drug dealing and street sleeping. The city is a concrete jungle with no exit. A supermarket carrier bag blowing in the wind.

All thoughts are structured. All thoughts are conformist. Broadcasting and football endure compliance and ensure compliance.

The city becomes a supermarket of desire. A funky show room of shite with nothing of value except the reflection of your own worthlessness. You could have bought Stalin, you could have bought Pol Pot, you could have bought Kim Il Sung.

The forces of social conservatism have their tanks on your lawn and they are not going away.

The British empire had collapsed and been replaced with an NHS Major Incident.

The nature of the citizen in this dystopia is to be weak, bland, opinion less and spineless.

Money greases the wheels of everything.

A faux display of intelligence.

“Just do your best and don’t worry”

The searing towers of of crapitalism beat into the night like a techno noise of collapse.

Down trodden, out sourced, down sized , donut economics.

The splayed isle becomes a speyed isle. A neutered cosmos of extinguished hopes. People like worms in little houses.

A litter tray of shit. Britain’s social situation is as hopeless as Japan’s. A crunched middle class living off Marks and Spencer’s tomato sandwiches and an inherited 1970s Burberry jacket. Both countries are beautiful with their exquisite boxed tea gardens, imperial families and tea ceremonies but the actual people who provide the economic activity in these islands are ground away with debt and infirmity. In Japan and Britain the problem is uniformity. People have so little money their main pass time is dusting.

Faded empires that have lost the will . Lost the blood lust. Faded to vampiric shades of Ukiyo-e.

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