Dunno what to blog about?

I’m still sad that I fell out with my ex friend in Las Vegas. I can’t ever see it being repaired. There is next to no context for us to meet unless she finds my blog. It feels really annoying that our friendship broke down. I still dont 100% understand why.

I wanted to buy my friend a lego set but it costs like £44. I’ve already accumulated a few Christmas presents. There are some really good ideas out there. I kind of want an essential oil diffuser to create the scent of pine oil in my house but that is also like £45. I did buy a book of Garcia Lorca poems and a 9v adapter for my little DVD player.

I’m drinking this mush of coffee. Its like powdered cappucino. It is absolutely vile. I don’t even have any tea.

I’m listening to Pulp (The English Indie Rock band from Sheffield led by Jarvis Cocker).

My teeth are in a bit of a poor state. I need to ramp up my dental hygiene. I just wonder if I have left it too late now. hmmm.

This is kind of a meaningless blog post. I am obviously just writing because I am bored.

Oh well I will post this now and I might come back later to give vital updates.

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