I kinda liked anthropology school. I liked the training in how to be an ethnographer. I liked the bits about taking ethnographic notes and entering the field. I guess you could do all those things on your own but it not the same as when you have a university department around you giving you justification.

I liked the cool talks by people who’d come back from the field who had talk tales to tell about farms in Japan or robots in Singapore and favelas in Brazil.

It was all fragmentary though.

I feel kinda sad because I really feel being an anthropologist is something I could do.

Maybe it’s like what my ex friend said about Crabs scraping over too few resources. I was to vague and disorganised in the face of the Panzer divisions of highly motivated post grad students who would snaffle up all the funding and the opportunities.

Yes I can still go to the uni library and check out an ethnographic book but I don’t have the infrastructure behind me.

It also feels odd that I went back like 15 years later when all my original anth friends had spooled off into the world.


Another thing there was quite a good comment on the NYT by some woman. People were debating some kind of celebrity and falling into “for” and “against”. She was just like

“Why do we fall into these cliches through which we think we see the world when the reality is much more technicolour”.

I get that when I go to see fine art films. I feel like a much broader palette is permitted. Like the boss people think the sort of middle class admins who go to see art house movies can be trusted with art and philosophical ideas but then when you switch on the Tube it’s all like much more cartoonish with goodies and baddies. It’s like when you go to the cinema you are allowed to take off the narrow minded ness specs but then when you leave the cinema you have to put them back on again. Things are binary. Either black or weight like a game show full of booby prizes.

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