Light & energy

I’m here at home. I’m blogging. I’m drinking coffee.

On a morning I like to play energetic music like Greenday.

Greenday reminds me of my youth, particularly the album ‘Dookie’. I listened to it on repeat whilst backpacking round Israel years ago.

There is something refreshing about the youth and energy of the music.

I was talking with my friend J about why I liked Mike.

“obviously he was sexy and attractive. But more than that I think he was a reprieve for you in a way from the heaviness you feel sometimes. He was young and free and sort of sunny. Its a nice place to go once in a while. Not that you are never there but you know what I mean”

“i think the experience was mostly good for you. There are other things in life that will lift your spirits too, sometimes people, sometimes art, music or whatever else. its a good thing. It opens our eyes in a way there is so much in life some of it surprisingly joyful, well a definite admiration or appreciation”

Obviously I love Ash immensely.

The patio door is open. I can feel the breeze coming through. I am waiting for the lgbt writers group to approve me so I can join the forum.

Sometimes I ponder society and the mad matrix we live in. But sometimes I think ‘i didn’t create it’ its not really down to me to come up with answers, although I have to live in the kerrrrazy like everyone else. I absolve responsibility for solving all complex social issues.

Next up on my play list is Joanie Mitchell.

Today I would like to walk in tropical gardens.

drink tea with an emperor.

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