Happy Christmas!

Can’t think what to say?

I am drinking low calorie Irn Bru.

Was listening about Isfahan on the radio & how the river has dried up.


Iranian society seems to contain space for diversity even though it is a theocracy.

The World Service is good.

I ate a buttered English Muffin with Jam from plants at Kew Gardens (my friend bought me the jam).

Kew Gardens is like a huge botanical garden in SW London. It has amazing manicured estates, orangeries, hot houses and glass houses. There is also one in the centre of Oxford.

My beard needs a trim. Maybe I could go on Christmas Day? The Asian area could be open?

I never really understand how me and LM fell out? It just kinda crumbled like an over cooked soufflé.

I dunno how I am gonna manage the Christmas dinner later today. I only really have one pan. Hmmm.

Reith lecture on BBC.

I dunno.

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