Joan Didion

If you read the New Yorker you can’t have helped noticing that the writer Joan Didion died the other day because there are now about six features marking her death including one by the prim Zadie Smith.

I’m sad the lady died but I’m also annoyed I’ve until now missed a trick apparently. I do have a Joan Didion book of essays in my e-reader but I must admit to the fact that I started it and found it tough going and rather sparse material.

The essay I started with was something about the Kennedy campaign in 68 I think? And then there was something else about LA in the 1980s. Do I need this much detail about West Coast life??

I’ll have to give her another try and maybe some of the New Yorker essays can guide me to some of the richer pickings.

That said maybe she was just dry. People call it acerbic don’t they? Astringent? Poor Joan Didion. Well she did actually have an amazing life in good company. Cheers to her.

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