what we thrive on & unpicking the hedge-maze

A fellow blogger wrote an insightful post about what makes us thrive as human beings. I can’t remember exactly but they wrote things like, a nest, grass under our feet, enough sunshine and fresh air, plant based foods, useful work.

Things they thought grind us down are highrise apartments, managers, office blocks….

I also feel like enough sleep is good.

maybe community

how do you manage when your brain is friend by psychiatry?

I am trying

  1. online therapy
  2. NHS therapy
  3. Yakult
  4. vitamin D
  5. exercise (when I can realistically)

I dunno. I sometimes feel I am a million miles away from the life I should actually be living.

I should be in Bolinas with chicken coops and playing role playing games and drinking coffee from Seattle and surfing and doing yoga and Soto Zen and hiking down green valleys.

The world is weird.

we are watching Chitty bang bang.

Oh I dunno

fuck it all???

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