Anarchy, state and utopia

I was thinking about English society and alienaton. Capitalism developed in England in the 16th and 17th centuries. Poor people were thrown off their land and crowded into towns where they later became workers in the newly built factories. Capitalism was exploitative and work was cruel.

Spool forward to 2022 and we live in a “hello kitty” world of identity politics and people identifying with brands. I would argue that the workplace with its strange demands is just as alienating.

Britain has gained and lost several empires. England is home to mass immigration, hyper-capitalism and over-developed cities. Britain is still a monarchy and has recently left the European Union. On the world stage there is environmental and ecosystem collapse and a slide or rush into authoritarianism. Things don’t look good for ecology and human rights which are two of the things that make the planet liveable.

Thoreaux said “what is the good of a lovely house if you don’t have a habitable planet to put it on”. I would also add “what is the good of a spacious house if you don’t have people to invite over to watch cable TV and eat nachos”. In essence what I am saying is that community fails, it falls, it fails it collapses like an overcooked souffle.

Social life and social relations are brittle.

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