Went to the cinema twice in the last two days.

Today we went to Franky and Bennys. I had a ceaser salad but then regretted it and wished I’d had a hotdog. The potato skins were nice. They were cold but I didn’t complain.

Later we went to a hotel. The hotel bar man and woman seemed to find my presence amusing for some reason.

There is an anthropology conference on at the moment but it costs US$25 and B just blankly refuses to give me any money. I think I have some cash in my savings account so maybe I’ll sort it in the morning?

I’m sure synchronicity is a thing. I was thinking heavily about the circularity of time last night and what should come on the radio but “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison.

I find the synchronicity spooky. Maybe uncomfortable sometimes. B calls it “serendipity” but I think that’s a slightly different thing.


Hotdogs… maybe meat is cruel? Ok then vegan hotdogs. Vegan French mustard.

Sometimes I wish they would make the world vegan. It would make it easier.

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