Hey… I ate an hotdog!

I’m probably eating too much processed junk?

Stuck in cognitive dissonance.

I wrote my essay about kinship and the hyper-capitalist system.

I found, like Bauman that links are soluble. Connections are loose and tenuous, breakable. Or if not that they are wearing down. English society values “wealth” and despises poverty. Maybe English society has not changed much since Elizabethan times?

I would like to read more on Marx and alienation. The state of finding yourself faced by the capitalist machine without many bonds or personal resources to draw upon.

There is social fabric as shown by Jeanette Edwards’s study of Bacup but it is geared towards wealth accumulation either in the capitalists who built the towns industries or the property owners who buy houses for wealth accumulation and “security”.

So Karl Marx, Jeanette Edwards…

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