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I was thinking about violence. Is violence part of nature or is it amplified by human social structures? Could a peaceable society exist?

Certainly if we look at nature with its volcanoes, cyclones and storms nature is extremely violent. Indeed nature is said to have begun with a “Big Bang” (the consensus myth) and the formation of galaxies must be phenomenally violent.

What I am really asking is if capitalist society is excessively violent? Could a more harmonious social settlement exist? Ironically people talk about a violent social revolution like Russia in 1917 as a route to “peace and socialism” (although the Russian revolution deteriorated into Stalin’s terrors). Also what do you do about the people who are not socialists? Inconvenient isn’t it?

Miriam Kaba talks about defunding the police. She says there is no clear distinction often between victims and perpetrators. Maybe this is true with minor drugs crime where addicts are often traumatised themselves but how would you react if someone committed a despicable violent crime but instead of the police intervening a social worker would deem they were equally a “victim” because of the trauma they had been through?

Is technoscientific society violent? By technoscientific society I mean the nexus of private corporations that coalesce around the military and the state. That has grown exponentially since WW1. And Grew further in WW2 and the Cold War.

The military industrial complex develops weapons, it develops space travel, it developed the internet. It is based on hard science like physics and mathematics that were developed in Europe and America during the capitalist period in the late 19th and 20th centuries. It is linked to totalitarian hierarchical structures. Totalitarian structures that exist even in the “so called” democracies.

I don’t know what the answer is? Technology is linked to imperialism but there have been periods in history even ancient history where horizontal and peaceable structures have flourished (Graeber 2021).

The main problem now is that so many factors are stacked against civilisation survival (J Diamond) not to mention the huge arsenal of nuclear weapons. Also nuclear material getting into extremist hands, dirty weapons etc…

It’s all a bit of an unhappy picture. Which is maybe why people are driven to “hello kitty” and “let’s eat nachos!”.



  1. Hi… yes makes sense to a large degree. I am working on a bigger essay about settled hierarchical societies & economics but I want to finesse it this time rather than just post it in a poorly written blog post.


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