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My name is Liam. I am a writer who focuses on anthropological themes. I 

studied social anthropology at Manchester University between 2004 and 
2007. In 2020 I returned to Manchester University to do a research 
masters (basically a training to become an anthropological researcher). 
I only completed one semester of the research degree as I found academia 
very unfriendly. Despite this I found the expertise in various cultures 
and the course on participant observation very inspiring.
I have been keeping this blog for a good while but now I want to try and 
continue my anthropological endeavours as an independent scholar, 
documentary maker and writer.
I have a regional interest in Japan and Korea although I have never been 
there I have made several pieces of content about the region (which I 
will link to soon). I’ve studied Japanese, Korean and Chinese for 
various lengths of time (mostly Japanese).
One of the things I learned at Manchester University was that 
anthropology is no longer about a heroic researcher going to some 
tropical island for three years. Anthropological research can be local 
or desk based.
I have a disability (bipolar disorder) so it’s hard for me physically 
and financially to cross multiple time zones and cross continents. 
However I am an observer of all that is around me. I am a cultural 
historian and My own life becomes the subject of auto-ethnography.
Although it was me who chose to leave the anthropology department It 
does kind of feel like I was ejected maybe for caring too much about it 
My immediate project is to do some work on the Tokyo Olympics. After 
that who knows. I might take an Edx course in urban studies or attend 
some of the UCL free seminars.
Maybe there is a book in me?

All the links are my own work or collaborations with the producers at MIM.